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7.7.2011 – DONNERSTAG @ Altana – Konzert und Vortrag

Stefanos Kourtis: Creative interpretation of generated data

The little application I wrote for the compo is one example in the above direction. It calculates the quantum dynamics of particles in a tube and uses the result to play musical sequences. Another goal of this application is to make quantum mechanical systems a little less scary to non-scientists.

Vortrag und Performance des Donnerstag-Compilation Beitrages von Stefanos Kourtis.

ensemble zinovieff: 4 Kanal Soundperformance

Görgesbau (Sitz Elektrotechnik), Helmholzstr. 9

3.2.2011 – Vortrag: The politics of free music

Vortrag von Stefanos Kourtis

„…. a thing that I’m very interested in lately is the conceptual foundation of netlabels and the free music movement in general. In particular, I would like to start a dialogue on the various views that exist in the netlabel scene regarding what ‚free music‘ should stand for.

Different people aim to achieve different things with their music. This leads to different approaches as regards to what happens after the music has been produced and different people use different strategies to achieve different goals. Who of these people can the netlabel / free distribution scene help? Who of these people can help the netlabel / free distribution scene? And more importantly, what are some good reasons for the people involved to be conscious on this matter?“

Der aus Griechenland stammende Stefanos Kourtis ist Gründer und Betreiber des Labels